Shri Narendra Modi
Mr. Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

About Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi is 15th and the current Prime Minister of India. Earlier he was 14th Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat.

Why Narendra Modi

This election was the turning point in India's History. Many People tried to create fears in Minority Communities against Modi. That's their business. They allege that Modi will polarise India. In fact, Modi is playing crucial role in uniting India. He always talk about 125 crores indian and there development.
Muslims have nothing to fear anyone, they should fear only Allah. Some people are creating a fear about Modi in Muslim community.

Mr. Narendra Modi is trying to build the bridge. Let him construct the bridge. But, people don't want to allow him to bridge the gap. If the Hindus and Muslims get united, India's will surely been one of the dominating country in the world.

What Modi Can Do

Development : One word to say it all. Mr. Narendra Modi is name of Development. Modiji been praised for his economic policies, which are credited with creating an environment for a high rate of economic growth in Gujarat.

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